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“I have found Jeanne Micallef to be a very enthusiastic, creative and exciting publicist. Jeanne was a really hard worker — getting the job done in a timely manner. I would hire Jeanne again.”

– Sean Harrington, Town Pump Tavern, Centaur Martini Bar, Hot Taco Detroit, Iodent Lofts

“D-Town Films has just started working with Jeanne Micallef and she is dynamite. She knows marketing and PR very well and she is very current with the trends in social media.”

– M. Cecil Moreland, D-Town Films

“Jeanne was an important part of branding the band we managed, Shipwreck Union. She was always available, got amazing results and was a sheer joy to work with.”

-Jennifer Young, producer

“Jeanne is an extremely competent person and a tireless worker. She has a pleasant, upbeat demeanor and can-do attitude. Jeanne was a pleasure to work with at Olympia, and because of her know-how, contacts and personality, I have hired her as a contractor to administer PR projects for my current business.”

Mark Cory, FranNet of Michigan

“I have many opportunities to work with Jeanne throughout my career both as a venue owner and executive producer of national touring events. Jeanne not only has a deep database of professional resources but has sustained her integrity with her contacts throughout her career. I value her experience and understanding of the industry, have relied on her work ethic and have never been let down. Jeanne never paused we when took on a very difficult project in which we needed to “roll up the sleeves” but jumped right in and lead the way. I would recommend Jeanne to anyone who is looking for that unique individual that can provide tremendous benefits and skill sets to their endeavor as Jeanne always comes to mind when talent is needed for a priority project.”

Greg Young, Partner, The Production Office, LLC